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Technique or form have always been taught and trained in all sports. So, why should running be different? Kinematix TUNE helps you unlock your potential and minimize the risk of injury by providing guidance to improve your running technique.


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User Stories

vanessa fernandes

Vanessa Fernandes

Triathlon Silver medalist Beijing 2008

“I’m following all the technological updates to see what can help me to improve my running performance, and Kinematix TUNE is the most useful system that I have ever used in my training". 

jose moreira

José Moreira

Professional Marathon Runner

"I know how excessive mileage can compromise the quality of my running technique. With the feedback from Kinematix TUNE, I have a completely new way to manage my runs." 

niels wilwijk

Neils Muilwijk


"With the data from Kinematix TUNE I know exactly exercises I should do to improve my technique and performance."

geoffrey gray

Geoffrey Gray

Running Analyst at Heeluxe

"Knowing performance variables, like ground-contact time and heel contact time, is the key to knowing whether your training is really working."

craig baker

Craig Baker


"As a runner, I need running form feedback and injury prevention. That is the key! If Kinematix TUNE helps me to get this, then I get the best of both worlds." 

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