The future of running is here.

You know that form affects your performance. What if there is a way to optimize your form and unlock your full potential?

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Introducing TUNE by Kinematix. A compact yet powerful running lab in your shoes.

Running coaches will tell you that in order to unlock your potential, you need to start with the basic element of running: your running form.

How does TUNE measure running form?

TUNE consists of a pair of extremely thin, light and durable insoles equipped with sensors which capture each and every step you take. All this information is continuously and wirelessly sent to your Smartphone or Smartwatch where TUNE uses the available GPS information to further enrich the data and build your Running Profile. 
But that’s the simple part!

Meaningful Information

Because TUNE monitors both feet in-shoe, we are able to detect and visualize asymmetries - often highlighted as a risk factor for injury - between left and right foot, and heel and ground contact times. TUNE evaluates all this information so you can understand where you performed best and where you need a little more work.

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Personalized Fitness Plan

To help you improve your form, TUNE will develop a personalized Fitness Plan recommending specific exercises and show you how to do them through video demos.
Exercises range from mobility, stability, strength, and power specific exercises and can be done by anyone, anywhere.

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Kinematix TUNE app

The run report from every run includes a number of different measures to help the runner better track and manage their performance.


Kinematix TUNE allows you to share all of your runs and their details with your coach so he/she can track your performance, and metrics and help you even better.

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The Coach Platform

Kinematix TUNE allows you to share all of your runs and their details with your coach so they can track your performance and help you even more.

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TUNE by Kinematix is the only running wearable that applies in-shoe monitoring to both feet at the same time, allowing you to analyze the relevant parameters needed to assess your running form. With unique and clear insights, you can tailor your training in a way that's never before been possible.

TUNE will help you to run smart, not just hard, making the most of each stride.